Monday, March 31, 2008

get out of the line!

why is my blog named That's Soo Funny? I don't even know...It's just something I say all the time. When I become more creative maybe I'll change it to something else. But in the meantime, the person that is soo funny to me is John Pinette. He's a comedian that worked with my sister Natalie in the Broadway touring cast of Hairspray (he played the mother of Tracy) and they became great friends. He is our family's fav. You definitely need to buy a dvd of his (our fav is I Say 'Nay Nay') and if possible make it to one of his shows. He is touring. Visit his website:

"You're at Mcdonald's! I could shut my eyes and read you the menu, left to right, right to left. Get out of the line!!!" -John Pinette

In October, John snuck my sister Ali and me in to one of his shows because it was in a Casino. He put two chairs on the side of the stage for us, brought us into his dressing room, gave us backstage passes, and an armful of dvd's... John is great! He makes our tummies ache!