Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i'm lovin it

so for the spring ballroom team at byu we are dancing the cha cha to britney spears' new song "circus."

at byu...

haha i think that's so funny.
but i am lovin it! who doesn't want to dance a sassy cha cha to britney? even though i strongly dislike her, her music is still fierce. 
i really hope nobody complains because this choreography is amazing.
i am such a rookie and everything is way over my head but i am just faking it till i make it!
7:00 am never felt so good

Monday, May 4, 2009


it has been quite the week...
  • new apartment, new roomies, new ward
  • made byu's spring ballroom team
  • saw Natalie brilliantly play the role of ellen in miss saigon
  • 2 thunder games... saturday's made us tied for #1 after winning in the last minute to wyoming who was undefeated
  • saw tdc besties beautifully dance in their timpanogos' dance team concert and bring me to tears. my abi and annie danced their senior solos and touched me
  • adam's birthday festivities