Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Nat!

What i love about Natalie:

1: she has my dad's excitement for life. (doesn't she look flirty and fun?? it's because she is!)

2. she fights for what she wants and believes in such a harsh community and occupation.

3. she is interested in others' lives and wants to hear your stories. she is very supportive of me.

4. she's a rock star.

5. she led the way for my sisters and me perfectly. we all had a high expectation to live up to and were able to make accomplishments because of what she did. thanks nat for all the teachers you made love me just because i was your sister.

6. she makes everything funny/fun.

7. we do cool things together. it has been great to have her home for a little while and get to know her again since i was only 9 when she moved out of the house!