Friday, August 22, 2008

Patriots and Pioneers: Day 1

For two weeks in July, I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to go on an American and church history tour with a group called Anderson Tours with wonderful tour directors: Kristy Dimmick, Erica Brown, Sheldon Nixon, and Robbie Taggart. I dragged my cousin, Michael, and sister, Ali, along with me. There were 56 of us on a gratefully large, clean, and new bus. We first flew to Baltimore. Here's day one..
p.s. if you're going to go on a tour (which I suggest you do) choose this one! there isn't one better. My dad says so. And he knows all.

Washington monument

Lincoln Memorial

World War II memorial

Jefferson Memorial
*we also saw the Vietnam War memorial, FDR Memorial, and the Korean War memorial

Monday, August 18, 2008


It's been two months today since Nina has been on her mission. Only 16 to go! I miss her so much but when I get sweet letters from her I feel like she's right next to me. They have her singing every week and she says she's getting the language down. She already has one baptism. GO NINA! ROCK ON.