Monday, April 12, 2010

you don't know jack.

last night my dad said:

"you guys don't know jack and you don't give a rats.
I know jack and I give a rats."

we all died laughing.

this made my mom think of this video. i about wet my pants it's soo funny.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Queen of Bouquets

Last year I caught

not one
(photo by Nicole)
not two
but THREE bouquets
(this bouquet split into three.. the last 3 single girls of the legit 6 caught all three of them. ironic, eh?)

i'm sooo excited! (snl)

i watched the whole show last night.
so worth the $12
(pic from

this is sooo funny

my cousins were on a road trip (probably on their way to Utah to visit)
they were playing games to make the time pass quicker
one person chose an object. In this case my aunt chose the


and gave the kids clues to guess:

"what is soft, white, and puffy?"

my cousin who was probably 8 or 10 at the time said:


He will never hear the end of it.
(image stolen from:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the cat claws the dog!

this was my favorite book as a child because i laughed hysterically when i saw the picture of the cat clawing the dog. i would belly laugh for minutes... my mom must have been confused as to what was so funny.
anyway, i'm doing a report for my Children's Literature class on Audrey and Don Wood. It's interesting to see the "behind the scenes" stuff about their books -- especially this one!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

Again, I'm a day late... just couldn't do it on April Fools ;)
to my La La (my randomly selected roommate freshman year. She has blessed my life more than I could ever say.)
Last year's birthday celebrations
my favorite picture of us
BYU Basketball
BYU football Vegas Bowl
midnight Oreos.... every night..
and my favorite pictures of all.. brings back so many memories of us just giggling on our dorm room floor. she is sooo funny!! she always makes me laugh...
especially when she leans back too far on her chair and falls over!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicole!!

I'm a day late... but I couldn't help but post these adorable pictures of Coey.
my only other straight haired, blue-eyed sister.
i love this one because our faces show pure joy
thanks for babysitting, singing me to sleep, and putting up with my tantrums! I LOVE YOU NICOLE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!