Friday, April 9, 2010

Queen of Bouquets

Last year I caught

not one
(photo by Nicole)
not two
but THREE bouquets
(this bouquet split into three.. the last 3 single girls of the legit 6 caught all three of them. ironic, eh?)


Anna said...

so are you trying to tell us something kara?

Raisa said...

OK, so come clean. How many times do you practice catching bouquets!

Seriously though, I love your blog! You're funny and engaging. It's really interesting to see how the lives of girls are so different in the US as compared to here in Pakistan! If I caught a bouquet here they'd think I'm trying to steal the flowers!

k + q said...

haha love the last picture:) classic! funny that after 3 catching of the bouquets it is finally your turn in august! can't wait! love you girl!