Monday, April 12, 2010

you don't know jack.

last night my dad said:

"you guys don't know jack and you don't give a rats.
I know jack and I give a rats."

we all died laughing.

this made my mom think of this video. i about wet my pants it's soo funny.


Adam Gerulat said...

That is hilarious! Too bad I wasn't there to give a rats with him! I would have been on his team :)

thekingpin68 said...

Although I have different theological views, I understand BYU is a world class University in many ways. All the best for the rest of the academic year.


Russ (via Blogger Next Blog) thekingpin68 satire and theology

Ces't La Vie said...

totally just stumbled on you here and thought this was frickin hilarious, i just pictured my dad saying that haha


darkmellon said...