Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a fun little survey

I guess I'm copying my sister Nicole because this looked fun to do and I am a major procrastinator!

jobs i've held:
*sadly, I've never had one... dance has consumed my life and taken away all of my freedom. I'm not quite sure if it's worth it yet...

jobs i'd like to have:
in no particular order because I am not sure of anything yet...obviously...
*Event planner
*Elementary school teacher
*Jr. High school teacher
*High school teacher
*Dance teacher (for kids only though..)
*anything in the Athletic Department at BYU (random, I know, but I think it would be so fun!)
*the most important and realistic: a mom (I'm very baby hungry....and 17...not a good mix)
*Secretary - I've always wanted to be one, but my mom would shoot me before that ever happened. But I still think it would be fun. I love computers, organizing other peoples lives (of course not my own), handling paperwork and other tasks.

movies i watch over and over:
*Dumb and Dumbedr
*8 Seconds
*The Notebook

*One Fine Day
*Sweet November
*National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

favorite reads, recent and old:
*The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
*Cam Jensen books (from Elementary)
*The Face on the Milk Carton (from Jr. High)

favorite things to do:
*play rook
*sit in the kitchen with family to talk, eat and cook
*eat on the back deck
*have a calming stretching period for an hour to an hour and a half
*play at Disneyland
*laugh at John Pinette
*win in any card game
*play cards with Mama and Papa on Sunday nights
*just sit on the couch and watch tv (it doesn't happen very often)
*perform (especially at halftimes)
*go to a BYU game with the fam
*eat out with the fam

places i've lived:
*orem, ut

favorite things to eat:
*anything my mom or nicole makes
*Moses bread
*my wonderful Magic Bullet smoothie every morning with Lean Protein in it
*a soft pretzel ONLY from Pretzel Time... with cream cheese, of course.
*Take 5
*anything Italian (i love pasta)

places i'd rather be:
*Walt Disney World
*Deer Valley, Park City
*Santa Barbara

words i like the sound of:

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Crystal & Co. said...

Randomly popped by.
Just had to comment re: "very baby hungry...and 17"
I thought about my future children tons at your age. Now that they are here I appreciate them so much.
I think it's great that you are looking forward to kids of your own.