Friday, January 4, 2008

10 year journal - essential

I'm a major journal person. I love seeing what I've done in years past and I love seeing how I've grown. I love reading what I did on a certain day and remembering every detail about it. I rarely miss a night of writing.... and if I do, I will do anything to find out what I did that day. Santa gave me this 10 year journal two years ago and I have absolutely LOVED it!! I believe every person that breathes needs one. With the year just beginning, it is a great time to start your 10 year journal. Every night I write a simple paragraph on a page that I have written what I've done every year on that exact day.

If I need more room, I simply write onto one of my 'carry-over' pages.

These 10 year journals can be purchased at


Christie said...

Hi's Christie...your neighbor. Congrats on getting into BYU. I got to your blog via this daughter Lindsey in Baltimore to Kirsten to Natalie to you! Wow, what a fun blogging world. Anyway, wanted to say I really appreciated the 10 year journal link...Kate told me about your talking about these months ago and I tried to find them through google and didn't have any luck. So, now I've ordered some. Thanks! And thanks for the nice and friendly things you do for Kate. You're terrific!

My name is Natalie. said...

I am so buying this! I love it! Thanks!