Friday, March 20, 2009

college (at byu) makes me..

  • say: "A 'D'.... I passed!!!!" -Tommy Boy
  • feel so insignificant
  • become independent... i don't like it
  • miss my mom's home cooked meals
  • hate dance parties
  • bored of myself and my own thoughts... because i'm always by myself
  • realize my vocabulary is soo soo soo small
  • miss rehearsal at The Dance Club
  • wonder why people loved freshman year so much? if fun=school work maybe my priorities are set incorrectly
  • add more and more to my list of missionaries i'm writing
  • concentrate extremely hard to try to understand my professor's language.. there's no way thats English!
  • miss my LEGIT 6 (madison call, kayley gardner, emily julian, kelli davies, regan bailey)
  • constantly consciously think about what i am eating
  • CHERISH dinner time at the Cannon center.. it's my only social hour of the day
  • vow to never show pda ever again. ever
  • lose hope that there is someone for me out there..
  • stress about what my major will be
  • have a constant radar for cute boys.. and then check for a ring
  • feel like a dumb blonde
  • appreciate the easiness of ohs
  • make my bed
  • wonder what my life has in store for me
  • miss performing at high school events with my ODC and just be able to dance for a teacher who i knew loved me and thought i was a good dancer.. my 'haven' and the place i could just not worry and dance!
  • forget my self-worth when i walk out of the testing center
  • realize that i have to grow up whether i like it or not.
a close friend always reminds me:
 "second star to the right and straight on till morning." -peter pan


Heidi said...

Hey hun, its been a while. But I laughed as I came across your blog via your sis's and saw this post. While my Freshman year is wow almost 9 yrs behind me I had SO much the same feelings!! Sophmore year was so much beter. PS regardless of your major dancing Ballroom made BYU so much more fun!! (Good call there :).... Betsy and Karson Denney, Brent Keck, Sharon Holman FAB teachers!

Kristen Warner said...

I came across your blog through a little sussy. I can say that I am in the exact same boat as you! I'm a freshman at Utah State, and can relate to everything on this list, like the PDA or self-worth after testing.
Ha ha, we freshman are so cool.

楊承琳yaya said...
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