Thursday, March 12, 2009

there's this thing...

called DanceSport
let's just say it's pretty intense..
i watch these people and am in awe.
it also discourages me and makes me realize i have a LONG road ahead of me...
how will i EVER be that good?!
i'm pretty sure it will never happen.
but i'll still try..
it's my first year competing at DanceSport nationals.
it's at the BYU Marriott Center
apparently it's the biggest ballroom competition in the nation
people come from all over.
these people are amazing!
i'm competing in the BYU class events

thursday: rumba and texas two step
friday: quickstep
saturday: waltz

rumba went well this morning. cut before quarter-finals.
called back for texas two step.. tonight at 6!

there are outrageous people here... if you want to watch them, this is the schedule
or visit


andrea said...

GO KARA!!!! Woohoo!

Let us know how you do. I wish I could come watch(Nicole LOVES DWTS and ballroom stuff-she tries to mimic the steps they are doing on the TV while watching it) but sheesh, that schedule is intense!

nicole hill gerulat said...

kar---is your first real gametomorrow?

Kara Hill said...

you HAVE to take her next March. She'd die. Natalie and I did. I am already counting down the days for next year. It was incredible!