Thursday, October 8, 2009

amazing week, terrible week, amazing week

it's funny how one week to the next can be completely different! 

-2 weeks ago was amazing.. everything fell into place. I know that the reason it went so well is because I was continually feeding myself spiritually (and literally... if you know me well then you know that is vital to my happiness!). 

-Last week was terrible (okay I am over-exaggerating! It really wasn't that bad but still...). I had statistics and church history midterms that stressed me out, came down with pneumonia and couldn't study because of it, and frantically threw one of the LEGIT 6's bridal showers with Madi (our other 3 friends are all paralyzed because of a car accident, mono, scooter accident, etc.).

-This week has been amazing! Hardly any homework, awesome jazz classes that let me dance again, placed 5th dancing the foxtrot for a ballroom competition, and going to VEGAS tomorrow for the BYU game! Definitely hitting IN N OUT first, then H&M. 

can't wait!

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Alexandra Smith said...

Kara, I love your priorities...