Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dancing through life

Remember this post about how I didn't understand how college students manage their grades, jobs, boyfriends, etc.?  Well the other day I just realized that this year I gained all those things that I never thought I could... 
Job?   Check
Boyfriend?    Check
Grades? uhhh.. they're better :)

now I'm wondering how people go to college while they're married... oh and... let's just throw a kid or two into the equation too. I keep seeing students pushing strollers around campus and I ache for them. 


after this stressful week, I decided that taking a dance class tonight was going to be the only thing to get me through. Something familiar. normal. natural. 
...and I rationalized a lot! "if i go to the class then I'll release endorphins.. which will keep me awake while I'm studying!"

cheers college. cheers.


Kimber and Casey said...

bahaha endorphins?

you truly are a college student

andrea said...

Be careful about wondering too much....look at what happened before. You wonder too much and you might have to find out how going to school married with kids is going to be! ;) Have fun dancing!

Martha said...

How do the marrieds do it?! I honestly don't think I could.