Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i love this picture of her
1. helps me with EVERYTHING in life. everything. always calling her for favors.
2. had a big year... she picked a good one!
3. has lots of skills
4. constantly keeps us laughing. her sense of humor and amazing whit are unreal.
5. is the most creative person i've ever met
6. is my prego partner
i love you Nicole!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

day 8: Harmony, PA and Fayette, N.Y.

Hill Cumorah Pageant (it rained so much so we put these garbage bags on)

the pageant was AMAZING!!
this grocery cart was her size!

Fayette, N.Y. - the Peter Whitmer farm. Joseph Smith lived here for 3 years while:
he reorganized the church in 1830
the first three conferences were held
11 other men witnessed the plates
the Book of Mormon translation was finished in 1829

the Susquehanna River - where Joseph Smith was baptized

Harmony, PA - monument representing the Priesthood being restored to the earth

Friday, March 20, 2009

college (at byu) makes me..

  • say: "A 'D'.... I passed!!!!" -Tommy Boy
  • feel so insignificant
  • become independent... i don't like it
  • miss my mom's home cooked meals
  • hate dance parties
  • bored of myself and my own thoughts... because i'm always by myself
  • realize my vocabulary is soo soo soo small
  • miss rehearsal at The Dance Club
  • wonder why people loved freshman year so much? if fun=school work maybe my priorities are set incorrectly
  • add more and more to my list of missionaries i'm writing
  • concentrate extremely hard to try to understand my professor's language.. there's no way thats English!
  • miss my LEGIT 6 (madison call, kayley gardner, emily julian, kelli davies, regan bailey)
  • constantly consciously think about what i am eating
  • CHERISH dinner time at the Cannon center.. it's my only social hour of the day
  • vow to never show pda ever again. ever
  • lose hope that there is someone for me out there..
  • stress about what my major will be
  • have a constant radar for cute boys.. and then check for a ring
  • feel like a dumb blonde
  • appreciate the easiness of ohs
  • make my bed
  • wonder what my life has in store for me
  • miss performing at high school events with my ODC and just be able to dance for a teacher who i knew loved me and thought i was a good dancer.. my 'haven' and the place i could just not worry and dance!
  • forget my self-worth when i walk out of the testing center
  • realize that i have to grow up whether i like it or not.
a close friend always reminds me:
 "second star to the right and straight on till morning." -peter pan

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Utah Valley's new arena football team...

home opener Monday March 23 - 7:00 vs. Wyoming Calvary
$6  students
$12-35  general admission
Mckay Events Center
Utah Valley University
call 888.568.4050 for tickets or buy at the door
*make sure to mention my name when you buy your tickets!! (I'll get free stuff)

Monday, March 16, 2009

day 7: Ben and Jerry's and Sharon, VT

lots of driving this day.. only 2 events.
ali's favorite
my favorite

their factory was amazing..
she ate all my oreos and hers

Sharon, VT... Joseph Smith's birthplace. Right after this picture was taken it began to pour.. that monument turned white and glowed through the rainstorm! It was beautiful.

let me revise... how do you possibly

go to college
AND have a boyfriend
AND have a job
AND do well in school

i don't get it...
nat, i'm already not sleeping... and D. all of the above are non-existent!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

not funny...haha that's soo funny

i love people that search for things like this and show them to me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

how do you possibly...

go to college
AND have a boyfriend
AND have a job
AND do well in school
I don't get it

there's this thing...

called DanceSport
let's just say it's pretty intense..
i watch these people and am in awe.
it also discourages me and makes me realize i have a LONG road ahead of me...
how will i EVER be that good?!
i'm pretty sure it will never happen.
but i'll still try..
it's my first year competing at DanceSport nationals.
it's at the BYU Marriott Center
apparently it's the biggest ballroom competition in the nation
people come from all over.
these people are insane...ly amazing!
i'm competing in the BYU class events

thursday: rumba and texas two step
friday: quickstep
saturday: waltz

rumba went well this morning. cut before quarter-finals.
called back for texas two step.. tonight at 6!

there are outrageous people here... if you want to watch them, this is the schedule
or visit www.BYUnationals.com

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

day 6: Boston, MA and Vermont

we ended the day with a bonfire in the mountains in Vermont after tubing down a river


Friday, March 6, 2009

day 5: New York City, NY

we played and shopped with Natalie alllll day :)
we had wayy too much fun in here.. our picture strips are hysterical. Michael looks like a pedophile.

photo booth for an hour.. maybs?
our first Bubby's experience
thaaat'sss my sister...
a proud sister moment...
shake shake shake shake shake shake it

shake shack of course!