Wednesday, March 31, 2010

magic 8 ball

do you ever wish we all had a magic 8 ball
in which we could see our future?
i know it's possible to make life's decisions (because obviously everyone has made them) but i am so overwhelmed and confused by them. i can't wait until i can just hold my baby and know that it's all over...
until my kids grow up and then i have to worry about them
(picture: cousin Laur's son Nicholas Quezada)


Madison Call said...

dude we all have debbie downer moments the trick is to just follow in faith like you said! we can try and grow up together even though it will be terrible. i think that is why i like you so much because you have seen me when i was little and have been there for many of the hard decisions we wished a magic 8 ball could have made for us. but guess what you made those decisions! you can do anything. love you lots.

andrea said...

It would be fantastic if decisions weren't so difficult. If life was mapped out for us, or if things happened according to OUR timeline. Trust me, I know all about that time thing. My dear sweet Kara, I know all too well about that. When I was your age, all I wanted was to be married and having babies. It didn't happen. But what did happen enriched my life, and taught me lessons that I had to learn. Just sit back, enjoy the ride, and trust the Lord. He won't let you down, and will bless you immensely.

PS.....when you are holding that baby and "know it's all over"?! Oh my dear....that's when life merely begins, and becomes infinitely harder than you can even imagine right now! Come hang out at my house and watch me fumble through it!