Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Backstreet's back... alright?!

probably the highlight of my freshman year...

for our ward talent show i set a "boy band" dance on my friends and me that i had choreographed in high school for our "Mr. Orem" pageant last year. 

the mix included Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, LFO, and 98 degrees. we were introduced as bryan, nick, howie, aj, and kevin and our ward literally thought we were boys for about the first 20 seconds and many never figured out which girls we were. 

the video is HYSTERICAL. i'll get it up sometime.
we took off our jackets in the middle of the dance and then danced "bye bye bye" revealing my drawn in armpit hair.
we decided to scare some friends at Sonic after the show and a few others were given private shows.
rachel, on the far right looks pretty legit.

we surprised my roomie's (la la, on the far left) older brother and his friends and gave them a little show as well. now what they did for us after that... that will be coming soon.
to be continued...

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