Friday, April 17, 2009


two years ago, i was at the mall with my sisters Natalie and Nina, when my sister natalie's name was called from a Nordstrom employee.  Natalie ran over to the girl and Nina and I hung back, however still overhearing their conversation: 

Natalie gasped, then proceeded to say with a face of surprise and confusion:

(Nina and I are wetting our pants at this point)
"It's Sandra!"*
Natalie still showed a confused face...
Sandra: ".....Stephens.."
Natalie: "Oh Sandra! How are you?!"

later during this conversation, Nina and I approached them (giving Natalie the "Let's go!" cue to end the conversation)
Natalie, trying to be polite, introduces Sandra to us.

Natalie: "Nina, Kara, this is Sandra. She is my friend Audrey's little sister."
me: "Audrey... Johnson? Smith? Evans?...." (Natalie has several good friends with the first name Audrey)
Natalie shot me a look that I'll never forget.  Deer in headlights mixed with "help me out! why did you just ask that?!" 
There was an awkward silence.
Sandra finally said: ".....Stephens.."
Natalie: "Oh! Did you see me shoot Kara that look like, 'Did you really just ask that?!' I thought she would know it was Stephens...'

Nice try covering your butt Natalie. This had to be my favorite memory with you.
"Who are you?!" is now a regular statement of mine.. especially whenever I see Natalie.
Love you Nat! xoxo
*names changed for privacy :)

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