Monday, April 20, 2009

a weekend of ballroom dance

nat posted about our DANCESPORT weekend together.. we watched all day and night on Friday and I watched by myself on Saturday. I think my picture is cooler... don't really know what happened here.

my waltz and quickstep (semi-finals, top 12 couples) partner.
my texas two step partner! (semi-finals, top 12 couples)

it was a blast! Hopefully next year I'll be better... much better. 


nicole hill gerulat said...

i can't believe you just started and made semi-finals.


love you!

Henry G Dance Shoes said...
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A Real Good Bet said...

Hey! So I totally don't know you! I'm friends with Chelsea Gould! And I randomly started reading your blog tonight since it had just been updated and I totally know David Reece! So, that is way funny to see him on your blog!

Anyways, hope you don't think I'm a crazy stalker. =)