Friday, February 26, 2010

finding joy in the journey

if i had to pick one constant trial in my life that's the most difficult for me it would be


i hate it.
i hate everything about it.

i would go back to high school,
i would go back to jr. high
i would go back to elementary school
i would go back to the dance club

it's one of those things that i need to be better about dealing with.
and because one of my goals lately is to watch a conference talk every day, i found this gem today and remembered loving it when i heard it. however, it was given a year ago (when i was a freshman in college and really needed to hear it) and i don't think i took it to heart. i'll try harder now. i think everyone can use this talk. change is constant and we all must get used to it.
but surely.
now let's just find joy in this journey
called life.


Colleen said...

i just started following your blog. im in highschool and i want to make my blog a success like yours and i was wondering, how do you publicize it so well?

Aaron Thomae said...
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