Wednesday, February 10, 2010

joke of the day

my New Testament professor at BYU told us this one last week:

A teacher notices a student on the back row is sleeping so he decides to put him on the spot and asks him:
"Bob, what do you think about that?"
Bob: "Well, I don't know...what do you think about that?"
teacher: "Oh I don't think.... I know."
Bob: "Well I don't think I know either."
i died laughing...
(pictures - top: somebody's birthday breakfast at Magleby's 2006 with Mckenzie. Bottom: Brick Oven for Lauren's birthday with roomies April 2008)

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mikkilee said...

I'm checking out other's blogs when I came across yours. This joke left my husband laughing and me looking like you guys in the pic. Hee hee.