Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my holiday

Hope your Valentine's Day was as wonderful as mine!
J and I started our Saturday off with our favorite activity - McDonald's breakfast. Then we snuggled all day while watching Benjamin Button (he'd never seen it) and then the BYU basketball game. We finally showered at 6 and then I ran to my performance with my BYU ballroom team in Midvale. J came to watch, then he treated me to Market Street Grill. No biggie. He then gave me Kara chocolates. I finally realized this year that this is MY holiday! Never had a boyfriend before to make me realize that.
Sunday he came to our family dinner, we made chocolate espresso pudding, and then Mama and I dominated he and Papa in Rook. Yesterday, we had a date with Mom skiing Deer Valley. And finally, watched 24, the Office, and 30 Rock with M&D.
Today I woke up late and look homeless. Definitely wanting the weekend back right now.

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