Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tori Schmanski

been thinking about my Tori lately...


will forever be something that frequently runs through my head.

sweet Tori passed November 7, 2009 at the young age of 19
but we really lost her when she was just shy of 15
it was an unforgettable experience to watch her
through this journey the past 4 years.
she changed my life.
and many others'.

she was a hugger
she asked questions
she was interested
she was sincere
she was deep
she was thoughtful
she was affectionate
she was smart
she was caring
she was sympathetic
she was happy
she was a dancer
she was my dear friend.

Dancing "Victoria" that bff Mckenzie and I choreographed for Tori
Tori came to watch

read more about Tori here
make sure to watch her dance video and the tribute video made by her sweet sister Whitney
now she's dancing with angels

*B&W funeral photos by Eric Ward*


kaysi fox said...

oh my gosh, i am so sorry about your friend kara! that is so sad!!! you are gorgeous though & i am sure my little brother foryst would agree! haha!! i love how you have had almost every hair cut too & you look good in all of them! anyways, love your blog & thought i would stop by and say hi! i hope you are doing well! tell ali hi!!

Bella_K said...

I read your blog and just read your blog about Tori, that is so sad and find sadness in that story. One of our family friends who was 20 this year just passed away from a tragic illness. It's so sad to see people our own age dying, especially when we knew how great they were and that they could be grand.

My thoughts are with you and her family.