Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the most casual day of my life?

i cannot understand these kids getting married these days.
first of all, they're 18.
secondly, and most important, they've made poor fashion choices.

what makes people think
"on my wedding day i'll wear converse!! they're the nicest thing i own!"


since when did the wedding day turn into the most casual day of our lives?

on my wedding day i sure hope i look amazing.
that's how i want to start my life off with my husband.
so he'll be proud to have me on his arm.
not some teenager.


Anna said...

ha ha I half way agree I just had a friend get married and she wore black and white converses and i thought it was the most unflattering thing ever thank goodness the dress covered it but I am all about comfort there is no way I will be wearing heals on my wedding day im all about a beautiful classy flat or some cute flip flops that are a little more decortive ha ha oh and I know its even weirder when girls younger then you are having baby's and I cant even find a date.

MaCall. said...

ahhhhhh! i could not AGREE MORE. let's swap the converse for an amazing pair of louboutins... or kate spade's. converse and flip flops are NOT acceptable.

bree lena said...

love you kara, there are so many other things I would LOVE to add to this list of wedding fashion disasters but I don't want to offend too many...... yikes though, and yes babies and weddings.... so young.. live a little maybe?! haha hope all is going well!!

Kristen Warner said...

Why do people wonder why Utah has such a high teenage pregnancy rate? Because babies are having babies, and they're married.

Amen to all of the above that you wrote.

andrea said...

You are hilarious!!! Love it.

I have no doubt you will look amazing on your wedding day....you'd have to try hard not to. You are all so stinking beautiful....just don't do that pig nose thing.... ;)

Martha said...

Amen. Amen. Amen. Seriously. Can you not stand to wear pretty heels for A DAY?! People I graduated with are on their second kids! I can't even believe it! And I totally agree about wanting to look totally amazing on your wedding day-your sister Nicole looked gorgeous!